Starting Over on Transportation
Roads and Transit Initiatve of 2007
One of the ways the roads lobby is attempting to choke off light rail in the Puget Sound region is to propose a 'regional governance reform' package. The main target of this reform is to kill off Sound Transit and replace it with an all-elected body that can shift transit spending to roads without a vote of the people. Read all about it in this report

The Roads and Transit Initiative was the closest thing the Puget Sound will most likely ever see to a comprehensive, multi-modal transportation package. Now, it's back to the drawing board. The voters chose perfection, resulting in a kind of "Groundhog Day" cycle in the Puget Sound region.

Regional Trip Planner Seattle Center Monorail
King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties Looking for info about the former Green Line Monorail?
People for Modern Transit (PMT) has worked since 1995 to support public transportation in the Puget Sound region.

One thing that is abundantly clear in any large city: ...
We can't build our way out of congestion

Today more than ever, the work of transit supporters is crucial to address the attacks on public transportation. We support Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and monorail in selected corridors as part of a balanced public transportation network. Why don't other cities build monorail? A combination of buses, express buses and light rail have proven to be most successful in the cities across the United States who have built light rail transit. Light rail has served as a stimulus to increase overall transit ridership in cities where bus ridership was falling.

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