People For Modern Transit

People for Modern Transit (PMT) was formed in 1995 to support the Sound Move program proposed by the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (now known as Sound Transit).

Support the improvement of public transportation in the Puget Sound region
Our mission was simple: Support the improvement of public transportation in the Puget Sound region. We gave voice to a diverse group united by the desire for a first-class regional transit system.

PMT continued its advocacy through the November 1996 election when voters gave Sound Transit its mandate for regional express buses, commuter trains on existing freight tracks, and light rail transit through the heart of Seattle and Tacoma. For about 15 months afterwards, PMT continued its activities by informing Puget Sound residents about what was to come.

In early 1998, we ceased activities and our citizen advocates went back to their affairs. When the bid for the Capitol Hill tunnel came in much higher than expected, a window of opportunity was opened for opponents to once again attack light rail and to call for its cancellation. Sound Transit was ill-prepared to handle such an onslaught of negative press and the community turned against the agency. While support for light rail continued, support for the agency lagged for several years. While the opponents were maximizing their opportunity to attack mass transit, PMT sounded the rallying call to its members to mobilize the community once again.

Our members worked to push the agency to clean up its act and to open its doors to the public. The problems with the agency were clearly fixable and through the hard work of many people, the agency turned the corner and regained the support of the community and the neighborhoods.

Today, PMT serves as a watchdog for Sound Transit and other Transportation agencies as well as an advocacy group for public transportation in Puget Sound.

PMT Organization Goals
  • Develop a grassroots constituency for transit
  • Have a regional focus, with subregional caucuses/committees
  • Be membership-based, and involve the membership in the activities of the organization
  • Work to assure creation of the most ambitious multi-modal regional transit system that voters will approve.
  • Be a permanent, on-going organization aimed at the impovement of regional mobility.
  • Educate the public about transit issues.

Basic membership costs just $25. Checks can be sent to: People for Modern Transit, PO Box 14057, Seattle, WA 98114.

For more information, visit our website at:

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